U-Box Portable Storage - Local Storage or Moving

U-Load – We Store – We Ship

What is a U-Box?

  • Portable storage with ultimate flexibility from U-Haul!You pack right on your doorstep. You have the option of hauling the U-Box to and from your site using our easy-to-trailer or have us deliver it and pick it up. We can supply you with multiple U-Boxes, too.In addition, the U-Box can be stored at your local U-Haul dealer, Allsave Self Storage, or shipped anywhere in the world, thanks to the extensive U-Haul network! Just ask us, and we’ll take care of it!
  • Each U-Box is a portable storage pod capable of storing 2,000 pounds of whatever you wish. Renovating your house and need temporary furniture storage? Use one or more U-Boxes!
  • A U-Box pod fits about a room and a half of household items. If you got it into your house, you can get it into a U-Box.
  • Doing a renovation? U-Box is the best solution for temporary, secure, affordable storage of household items while the renovation is underway
  • Students! Need to store your furniture and belongings for the summer? U-Box is perfect!
  • Moving locally, nationally or internationally? Load your belongings in a U-Box! (U-Haul will arrange shipping of your U-Boxes across Canada or practically anywhere in the world.


How Does U-Box Work?

To get the U-Boxes to and from your site you can:

  • Rent a trailer with a U-Box on it and tow it with your own vehicle.
  • Have us deliver a U-Box to you on a trailer, or If you need more than one U-Box
  • Have them delivered them on a larger truck.
  • (You could also load your possessions at Allsave Self Storage if you want your U-Box shipped elsewhere.)

You’ve loaded your U-Box, now what? Return the U-Box to Allsave Self Storage using the trailer or having us pick it up. Store it in our enclosed, locked warehouse or we will arrange shipping to wherever in the world you need it to go.

U-Box – simple, efficient and flexible. Want more detail? Download a colour brochure. Click here! Or,

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