U-Haul Rentals

Allsave Mini Storage is a U-Haul Dealer. Call us at (250) 248-4165 to reserve a truck or trailer.

Moving Vans and Trucks:

Like all U-Haul equipment, our moving vans are designed from the ground up to move families not freight. You can depend on our comfortable vans to save wear and tear on your family the most important parts of any do-it-yourself move.

Moving one way? Then your best selection to handle your upcoming move is the 26-foot Super Mover or 24-foot Household Mover. These vans can easily, safely and smoothly handle up to seven rooms of household goods. There's more than enough capacity to carry those little extras you might have to leave behind now... and pay to replace later. Also, our exclusive Mum's Attic (the extra storage space we provide directly above the cab) is the perfect place to transport your most delicate possessions.

Even if you're making a local move, larger is better. More floor space lets you stack lower and spread things out. So even if you don't need every inch of space, you'll find that all this extra room takes the real work out of loading and unloading. And the extra space means fewer trips, too.

Loading has never been easier, thanks to our Low Decks. U-Haul moving vans are specifically built close to the ground. Plus, our loading ramps – the widest in the industry – reduce the time and effort needed to take your belongings in and out of the van body.

Convenient, padded rub rails with integral tie-downs on every interior wall, smooth decks and plenty of other built-in features make you feel right at home. There's ample legroom, headroom and stretch room. Plus, our air conditioning is sure to help you keep your cool on a summer moving day.

The Gentle-Ride Suspension on U-Haul moving vans ensure that even your most delicate possessions benefit from gentle cross-town or cross-country transportation. It's the smoothest ride available in any do-it-yourself moving van.

On select 26' and 24' models, the Air-Ride Suspension gives cargo an extra soft ride, using inflatable rubber bladders in place of stiff metal springs. The Air-Ride can even be deflated when the vehicle is parked, which lowers the floor for easier loading and unloading


If you're driving a car or if your moving van is filled to capacity, hitch up to a U-Haul van trailer.

Our trailers are aerodynamic, lightweight and low-profile, which significantly reduces the drag on your car, increasing gas mileage. You'll appreciate the low center of gravity, stabilized suspension and wide track, all of which make for safe, easy towing. All van trailers have smooth, padded, weatherproof interiors with rub rails and tie-downs to help protect your possessions.

A U-Haul van trailer is perfect for items you'll need during your move, and for those things you might have had to leave behind if you didn't have the extra space. Rent a trailer now and you'll save the cost of replacing items later.

U-Haul open trailers are a superior solution for many in-town errands, from moving furniture to hauling building supplies. They are a perfect way to avoid paying the delivery charge for furniture you've purchased.

Our 5' x 8' - 1.5m x 2.4m (and 6' x 12' - 1.8m x 3.7m - galvanized open trailers are designed to easily and securely fit the many standard-size household items that are eight feet in length. A majority of building materials are 4' x 8' and the standard couch or sofa is eight feet, for example. The trailers allow these items to be laid flat on the floor of the trailer, so that you can load up an entire home improvement project or easily move a couch. For smaller projects, we've got a 4' x 6' - 1.2m x 1.8m - open trailer as well.

Options for Towing Your Vehicle:

When it comes to moving your vehicle, U-Haul has the best range of solutions. U-Haul is the only moving company that rents towing equipment one-way without a moving van. If you're attending a car show, purchasing a new vehicle or traveling in a motor home, U-Haul has the right equipment to tow your vehicle.

The U-Haul Auto Transport keeps all wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground and is ideal for long-distance moves. We gave it a low height and extended ramp lengths to provide the best angle for loading and unloading vehicles with low clearance or spoilers. Our auto transport's fender also tilts out for easy access to the towed vehicle, and a surge brake provides maximum stopping assistance

The U-Haul Tow Dolly keeps the front wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground and is a great low-cost choice for front-wheel drive cars. Its low height and longer ramp mean the loading angle is shallow to accommodate vehicles with low clearance or spoilers. Our tow dolly also has a swivel design that eliminates rear-tire wear and improves maneuverability.

Call us at (250) 248-4165 to reserve a truck or trailer.